Amiseq’s Fusion

Appointment and Lead Generation Service

Amiseq’s Fusion brings to you best-in-Class Post-Sales security services with a full range of consultancy & implementation services across all major security and IT infrastructure solutions and products in your enterprise environment.

Fusion is delivered by fully vendor accredited engineers. Our services team is global, across four continents so you have instant access to services, whenever you want, wherever you want.
AMISEQ Fusion brings to you
  • Vendor Level Talent: All engineers are highly experienced & fully accredited
  • Agility: Short lead times so you have Services when you want them
  • Scalability: To meet your needs, whether you want one engineer or 100’s Regional Knowledge: Engineers based in your country who understand your way of business
  • Sensible Pricing: Delivering Vendor level services without Vendor level pricing
  • With the rapid evolution of technology, organizations need to implement and support new projects quickly, all without sacrificing business continuity. AMISEQ’s team ensures you have the best quality services and support no matter your IT requirement.
  • At AMISEQ we understand the challenges you face delivering these critical projects on time and under budget.
  • So, whether you need to fuse disruptive technologies alongside existing products or deliver an entirely new system, AMISEQ provides the, ‘Best in Class’, services to support your goals without breaking your budget.